100 Mahaseth Set To Open New Branch On Chamchan Alley

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100 Mahaseth Set To Open New Branch On Chamchan Alley

Banking on its success as one of the top Thai restaurants that specialize in authentic northern and north-eastern Thai style cooking, 100 Mahaseth is all set to expand with the opening of its new branch on Chamchan Alley which connects Ekkamai and Thonglor. Less than an hour’s drive away from its predecessor and situated just off Ekkamai soi 21, this restaurant will have a tough legacy to follow. Luckily its location is in a thriving neighborhood, just by Thonglor, makes chances of its success all but assured. 

Ekkamai has long been considered a hipster community but has come out of its shell in more recent years thanks to ever-expanding and glittering developments. From new office blocks to high-end condos, the area has seen plenty of growth and a growing appetite for more upscale entertainment.

One of the most alluring aspects of the area for foodies has to be the plethora of fine dining to be had. Whether it is along the street or in a formal restaurant, the area is famous for offering delicious and varied cuisine at reasonable prices. 

100 Mahaseth should, however, stand out from the crowd thanks to their specially crafted menu that not only makes for some of the most Instagram famous Thai dishes but also takes a keen interest in sustainability. 

Adhering to a policy of root to fruit and nose to tail, 100 Mahaseth ensures full consumption of any produce that comes through its kitchen doors. Their use of offcuts and entrails has worked well in bringing to life traditional E-san dishes. Packed full of flavor, dishes like their cassia curry with ox-tail, wood-roasted long bones, and fried tripe have seen much demand and appreciation from a devoted clientele.  

The range of dishes on offer, written on seasonal chalkboard specials, also allows diners the option of enjoying normal cuts like ribs and tenderloin. If you are however a bit adventurous, be sure to try some of the traditional and inspired dishes. Many locals, expats, and tourists have been surprised by how unusual cuts of meat can be turned into a culinary delight. With almost all their ingredients sourced from within Thailand, they have ensured that everything that goes into the menu is kept fresh and seasonal. 

So whether you live in the area or are just looking to enjoy the nightlife, you might want to make plans to visit the all-new 100 Mahaseth. If you are interested in trying a delectable menu that comes with a bit of a kick and stunning presentation, then be sure to make a visit to their all-new Ekkamai location.

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