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We would like to welcome you to 100 Mahaseth, one of the most authentic and proudest Thai restaurants Bangkok has to offer. Serving a diverse range of menus from Northern and Northeastern (E-san) Thailand, our unique and original Thai Restaurant is sure to please everyone who loves to enjoy authentic Thai cuisine.  

We are striving everyday to be amongst the best Thai restaurants our country has to offer. Here is a brief introduction to our home, our philosophy and a few reasons why you should reserve your seat at one of our tables the next time you find yourself hungry whilst exploring Thailand’s capital city.

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100 Mahaseth is conveniently located in the Bang Rak district of Bangkok and this is where our story begins. In an old teak house, where families have been living from generation to generation, we revitalized the space to create a distinct “Olde-Bangkok” atmosphere where our customers can enjoy our traditional meals. We are situated in the neighbourhood of Charoen Krung Road, formerly the main commercial thoroughfare of Bangkok, and you can easily find us on Google Maps at 100 Mahaseth Road.


100 Mahaseth’s Farm-to-Table Commitment

As part of our experience we offer customers a traditional Thai restaurant. In addition to this, our innovative approach aims to balance the modern culinarian techniques while preserving the taste and identity of each of our handcrafted menus, thus, making each dish unique and special just for you.

We take pride in our culinary commitment to using all-Thai ingredients sourced directly from Thai farmers. We use unprocessed, whole foods directly from the source, just as nature intended. Not only does this create a more robust flavor for our dishes, but when you indulge your taste buds with us, you’re also helping support Thai farmers; the bread-and-butter of the Thai economy. 

Because we source our ingredients from local growers, many of our dishes are seasonal in the tradition of the changing Thai cuisine that flows with the seasons. Growing rice has been the way of life of Thai farmers for generations and we place special importance when choosing our types of rice. We choose three types of rice from Surin province, which differ in many ways from texture, taste and smell. You’ll eat just like the Thais ate for thousands of years (only in air-conditioning and with a refreshing drink to wash it down). 

All this is in the service of delivering our customers an authentic, sustainable Thai restaurant. Bangkok’s tastes are changing in favor of responsible eating, and we’re proud to be a part of that shift.



Our home serves an array of recipes with an emphasis on a root-to-fruit and nose-to-tail experience in the food that we are fond of. 

We have all the Thai essentials ready to be cooked to order – curries, classic Thai dishes, and more. All ingredients are mixed delicately with the subtle and aromatic herbs that distinguish Thai cuisine from other Asian dishes. 

We have a wide array of steak and pork options, cooked to order to truly satisfy your palate. Our authentic fish sauce and chili pastes are great additions to your selected course. 

Our soups are also a popular choice, including fermented pork and spicy braised beef and brisket.



100 Mahaseth is honored to be a part of the prestigious Michelin Bib Gourmand 2019 and 2020 lists of Bangkok’s elite collection of the best restaurants in the city. We have also been included in the Thailand Tatler Best Restaurants of 2018 and 2019 lists. 

Come see us and discover for yourself why we’ve come so far so fast to establish a growing reputation for excellence among Bangkok’s culinary enthusiasts. We’re also grateful for the opportunity to develop a new relationship with our customers. When you visit our local Thai restaurant, we hope that you’ll feel at home and enjoy an authentic experience.


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