4 Delectable Reasons to Visit 100 Mahaseth

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4 Delectable Reasons to Visit 100 Mahaseth

4 Delectable Reasons to Visit 100 Mahaseth
For any foodie residing or visiting Bangkok, 100 Mahaseth is a must-visit restaurant that offers a unique opportunity to try out an interesting array of Thai cuisine. Many of the restaurant’s most popular dishes feature Isan style cooking which is predominantly from the north-eastern region of the country.  Whenever you decide to make the trip and try things out for yourself, here are a few top picks from the menu that should turn you into a regular patron.  

Northerner's Hot Dog
This Thai adaptation of an American favourite street food makes use of local ingredients to create a scrumptious and filling snack. This type of sai ua sausage can often be bought piping hot from food vendors across the country. Here, however, the grilled pork sausage is paired with a bun, making for a slightly oversized and deeply satisfying hot dog. This deceptively simple snack packs quite a punch in terms of flavour that has made it one of the most ordered items on the menu these past few years.  

Bone Marrow
This is perhaps the most well-known and photogenic dish on the 100 Mahaseth menu. The beautifully presented charcoal and longan wood-roasted long bones have the marrow topped with toasted perilla seeds, chillies, scallops, palm sugar, lemongrass, and fish sauce. As tantalizing in taste as it is in appearance, this signature dish provides a much-appreciated umami taste that combines both creamy and crunchy textures.  

Goat Ribs
Specially marinated in a sauce that contains raw papaya, the goat ribs are a perfect choice for anyone who loves meat that is ready to fall off the bone. Papaya has long been traditionally used in Thai cuisine to tenderize meat thanks to a special meat-digesting enzyme it contains. While some people do find that taste of goat meat somewhat intense, this trait is toned down by the meat brine that includes perilla seeds and garlic. When grilled to perfection, the ribs offer a herby and mildly sweet flavour.  

Fermented Short Ribs
This special beef dish takes at least five days of curing before it can be roasted and served. Making use of cooked rice, sugar, salt, and a secret recipe of seasonings, the ribs are dried and fermented in banana leaves. The final product makes for an intensely beefy flavour that works well when served with vegetables. Deeply flavourful, this dish is well worth the time taken to make it.  

If sustainable eating and conscious consumption are important to you, then 100 Mahaseth will align with your values. Here there is a strong commitment towards using all-Thai ingredients sourced from local farmers. Not only does it support the local economy, but it also ensures that the freshest, unprocessed, whole foods are used, allowing the menu to remain seasonal. The root-to-fruit and nose-to-tail custom also ensures minimal wastage of food resources. As evidenced by dishes that feature frequent use of off-cuts and entrails, you can be assured that everything delivered to the kitchens will become a component in one of the recipes and ultimately a part of a delicious plate presented before you.

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